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Monday, May 25, 2015

Travel Arrangements | Work Wife

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“You are stunning as usual, Lucia, my dear.  I will have the most lovely date in the house.”  Lucia smiled at her husband’s compliment, blushing as she looked up at him.  Her bright eyes hid the conflicting emotions behind them as she pushed her abundant breasts out for her husband to enjoy.  There was a part of her that did not want to revel in her husband’s lustful admiration, but that twinkle of resistance was fading.  The dim spectre of her male self was finding it hard to fight against the feminine urges of her own body.  The impulses and instincts of the true Lucia were hard to fight.  The wife wanted to please her husband and keep his attentions on her - the employee Brian wanted his body back.  

The struggle had worn on Brian ever since Mrs. Wilde has spun her web.  She was very much involved in her husband’s business and a constant fixture of the office.  She doted on her husband and played the office mother, spoiling them with her homemade cakes and coffee.  Brian thought it was touching how much the Wildes loved each other.  The caring atmosphere made it easy to accept an invitation for tea from Mris. Wilde.  That was the day she first showed her true power.  

“I cannot have my husband straying,” she told Brian as magic crept through his body.  “He has needs and I can’t be everywhere at once.  So this little arrangement makes sure that he is satisfied when he travels for work.  I will stay here and continue with my own busy schedule.  You will take my place while he is away.”  If Brian could have run that day, he would have crashed through the door and never looked back.  However, Lucia Wilde’s power had total control over Brian’s body.  He was hers to command, hers to change.  He moaned out as his body reshaped itself.  His waist pulled in while his hips flared outward.  Thick, copper strands replaced dark hair, tickling as it brushed against his shoulders.  The vibrant youthful face of the young man was replaced with the feminine grace of a mature woman; the face of Lucia Wilde.  Her wanted to scream as saw his reflection, but something growing within him wanted to smile and pose.  This part of the magic silenced his resistance, coating his soul with Luica’s desires, thoughts and needs.  It compelled him to act as she did, to become the ideal wife for her husband.

Each work trip had been this way; Brian forced to assume the body and role of Mr. Wilde’s wife.  Lately he had spent more time as Lucia than as himself.  He was becoming too used to her femininity; the pampering, the attention. . . the intimate moments shared in hotel rooms.  The male and female blurred so much that he couldn’t tell if his old life as Brian was a dream.  Even now, the new Lucia was wondering what it would be like if she was the ONLY Lucia … A man only needed one wife …


  1. Lovely caption Simone!

    This has the prefect balance between detail and mystery. Does the husband know? Does Brian talk about this when in his own body? Is Mr Wilde taking more business trips because he likes 'his wife' better on these trips? How exactly intimate are those hotel moments?

    This is one of those caps that you read and then instead of moving on you simply sit back and enjoy the story as you fill in and answer all of those delicious questions.



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