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Monday, May 25, 2015

Rival♥Hearts | Playing The Advantage

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Elise is holding all the cards

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The cool material rubbed against his thighs as Jeff lounged about.  The sheer fabric was so luxurious against his skin that the agent was thankful that he splurged for the boutique hosiery.  The erotic tingle they gave him was more than worth it - and they were definitely sparking a response from her partner.

“I must say that you look rather stunning,” Her easy smile offered nothing as the MI6 agent complimented her.  “Is it true that your . . .”

“Male?” Jeff interrupted him. “I’m what I need to be, James.  Tonight, I need to be your date.”  He wanted to giggle, but Jeff thought better of it.  It was so unlike the infamous agent to be so silent.  But if the briefing dossier was true, James would enjoy the fact that Jeff had a secret under the little black dress.

“So what should I call my evening’s company?”

“Elise.  Elise Sheersilk.”  Jeff slid his stockinged legs together, watching his partner’s eyes lingering on them.  He did have a thing for pantyhose!  If he had known before now!  “Elise” could have had him him eating out of the palm of her hand years ago!  

Elise’s date grabbed her fur coat, offering it to her as she stood up.  She slid her arms into the sleeves, then stood on up on her heeled toes and left a kiss on his cheek.  “You’re such a gentleman.”  she purred in her most practiced voice.  

“Normally I wouldn’t be so gentlemanly when a woman is as beautiful as you.” She favored him with a smile as she walked out on his arm.  “However, your unique situation. . . .prevents some things.”

“Who says I want you to be a gentlemen?” she threw back.  “My unique situation prevents nothing we don’t want.  But for now, the mission comes first.”

“And afterward?”

“After the mission, we shall see where the evening leads us.” James was silent again and Elise only smiled as the elevator closed.  Knowing her rival’s weakness was definitely a big advantage.  

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