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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Casual Crashing | Wedded to Beauty

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What's your favorite season?

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“I love outdoor weddings,” Simone carefully examined her lips, touching the color up with an attention to detail.  “The beauty of nature with the beauty of love.”  Kendall glanced over to at her companion, eyes traveling down to the soft swell of Simone’s ass.  

“You don’t fool me,” Kendall said with a smile.  “Outdoor weddings are usually big affairs.  Lots of guests - lots of potentials to pick from.”

“Kendall!  How could you insinuate I would be so crass and crude???”  Kendall couldn’t help but giggle at her friend’s faux genteel demeanor.    “You KNOW I have a high appreciation of love in all its forms!”

“I know you too well, hun.  I also saw you in that corner of the hotel at the last wedding we attended.  You were expressing your appreciation of love and all its forms. .. . especially the carnal form!”  Simone merely smiled, making the final adjustments.

“He had a thing for brunettes.  I hope I can find someone with a weakness for blondes this time.”  Simone started the car.  “Oh Kendall, be a dear and cover up; don’t let the boys see the goods without working for it.”  Kendall blew her friend a kiss as she adjusted her red dress.  She knew the male guests would love a free peek, but they would be shocked if they knew that they were merely bioprosthetics.  Still, she could let a man get up close and personal yet they would never be able to tell the difference.  Her skills in feminine mimicry were too refined for such an amateurish slip up.  

Kendall and Simone had practiced their impersonations for years.  Anything feminine, they absorbed; from the sensual sway of a girl mincing in heels to vocal intonations and vocabulary.  They absorbed it all and used it in conjunction with their favorite tools of transformation. Cosmetics, sleepwear and advanced prosthetics were all used to adopt whatever persona the girls wished.  Slipping into the persona of a vivacious redhead was as simple as becoming a sophisticated brunette.  Not even the most discerning eye could see the truth behind their feminine disguises - and no lover had believed them to be anything more than the beautiful women that they appeared to be.  

And yet, perhaps both girls enjoyed the immersion the most. As they wrapped themselves in beautiful delicate fabrics, their true selves floated to the surface and submerged the male aspects of their personalities.  

“I have no doubt you’ll find some fun, Sim, darling.  However, we have two more weddings today and I plan on landing a groom before the night is over.”  She winked at Simone as her friend drove off.  

“Kendall you are a real vixen and I love you for it.”

“What can I say?  Wedding season is my favorite season.”

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