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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gentle Temptation | Built For Comfort

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Soft Curves Ahead

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Your toes tingle as the chant leaves your lips, the sensation growing within you as it travels up your legs.  You sigh as the mystically charged energy ripples underneath your skin, molding your flesh.  Your shorts and top rapidly fuse as your hips and thighs thicken, making you supple and soft to touch.  You bite down on your lower lip to muffle a honeyed, sweet moan and you feel it plump like your rear end.  

The tingle is stronger this time.  But it always is.  The spell’s sensual energy soothes as it changes, dousing you with waves of pleasure to make you enjoy the metamorphosis.  Each time you turn into her, the sensations are more potent.  This time your breasts feel heavier than before, stretching the fabric of your new swimsuit to the limit.  You feel so exposed as your cleavage makes it’s presence known, daring anyone to look away.  Nipples stiffen as your waist cinches in just enough to give your form a proper feminine shape.   

More and more of you becomes soft, curves becoming more abundant.  You giggle as your rump swells behind you, perfect for squeezing.  This is a body meant for comforting, sensual hugs and tempting sensuality.  Your eyelashes flutter as your manhood slips between your creamy thighs, retreating into your abdomen until only damp heat remains in it’s place.  The boy fades away again, deeper into the darkness of your thoughts than before.

You wonder how long you can keep up this duality.  The first time it was a man playing at being a woman, but each change has chipped away at that flimsy excuse.  Now it’s the girl who feels like she’s slipping on a disguise when you revert back to the masculine.  Eventually, one of you must make choice.  You ponder the methods to make the spell’s effects permanent and for a moment you entertain the idea. . .

The thought lingers in your mind and your pussy throbs with need. . . perhaps you will stay this way this time. . . .forever soft, forever curvy, forever feminine. 


  1. That certainly is a choice/fate that I can see you giving in to your burgeoning feminine desires. Very nice Simone.

  2. One of the few times where I really enjoyed a caption that pretty much told you what happened as it was happening, and didn't fall into cliches, probable because you focused more on the feelings inside while the external changes were happening. VERY well done!

    1. I wanted to show a growing addiction to the change - the girl in the image looks swept away by the process. I tried to capture that in the writing.

  3. Delightful... and I suspect I'd get addicted very quickly.

  4. Excellent work on this caption, Simone. Well written as always.


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