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Monday, August 18, 2014

Touching A Dream | Putty In Her Hands


 Sometimes a dream is too real....

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“Tell me about her.”  Chuck blushed as his wife’s whisper touched his ear.  “I know you’ve thought about what she looks like.”

“She’s a lot like you,” he began. “Slender, supple, tight and young.”  Chuck sighed as he rubbed his cheek against his wife’s soft skin.  “Paler than you - a cream complexion lightly sprinkled with freckles.  

“Oh there’s that ginger bias showing again!” she teased him as he squirmed, her hand dragging over his chest.

“Y-yes. Long, thick red tresses to frame a cute face”

“Do you want big breasts like those bimbos at the strip club?”  she said as she cupped his pecs to make him squirm again.

“You know better…”  Chuck began to reply before kissing his wife’s nipples, drawing a moan from her.  “I’ve always imagined. . . . something more modest.  Just enough to be distinctly feminine.”  She watched her husband, noting his refusal to look her in the eye.  

“She sounds adorable.  If she has that same mischievous look that you have, I would adore her.  And I can help you get to know her if you’ll let me.”  She saw the sparkle in Chuck’s eyes now.  The desire in them made her giggle.  “You know that I help my patients. . . I think I can help you the same way.”  

“Don’t tease me, Janet.”

“I wouldn’t do that.  Just trust me. . .”

“Ok.”  Chuck sighed as Janet’s hands started to roam his bare torso.

“I want you to close your eyes and think about her.  I want you to picture Kayla as quickly as you can.”Janet’s whispers penetrated Chuck’s thoughts as he envisioned his female alter ego.  “I want you to see every detail as if you have lived them all your life.”  

He shivered as her words floated through his mind.  “Everywhere I touch, I want you to imagine Kayla’s smooth skin.  I want you to feel her breasts when my fingers run over your chest.  You’ll feel her full lips when I kiss yours.  A little bit of Kayla will come to light as I drag my fingernails across your body.”

As Janet’s hands walked up and down Chuck’s body, the image of Kayla came into focus.  He could feel the goosebumps forming on his arm as his wife’s manicured fingers raked up to his shoulder.  He groaned as she whispered to him, steering his thoughts towards femininity.

“Do you feel her hair, darling?” she cooed in a breathy tone, “Those red tresses you love so much?”  Chuck moaned as he rolled his head slowly from side to side, the sensation of curls vividly brushing his shoulders.

“It feel’s so real,” he panted, lost in the tantalizing trap of Janet’s voice.

“It’s as real as you want it to be, sweetie.  All of it.  You can be Kayla if that’s your desire.”  Her words urged Chuck deeper into the hypnotic state, her touch grounding him within the fantasy.  Janet’s hand traveled down the center of Chuck’s torso, past his navel until it was hovering around his nether regions.  “Feel her steamy garden, love. . . . Feel YOUR love garden as it grows moist with dew.”  Chuck quivered in her arms as the feeling of his maleness faded. . . replaced with something unfamiliar.  

“It’s so balmy” he moaned.  “It’s simmering with need. . . empty.  Gwad my pussy is hot.”  He giggled at this, his voice a dulcet coo now.  The fantasy’s grip was willing itself into reality.  Janet’s gift sparked the awakening and breathed life into Chuck’s desire.  He was changing, becoming his greatest wish.

“So kissably soft,” Janet purred as she captured Kayla’s lips.  The new girl only mewed in response, too enraptured by the pleasure of her new form.  She gasped as Janet’s hands tempted her breasts to blossom, the warmth under her skin melting her resistance.  Chuck was fading into the background as the new girl grew stronger, her reality replacing his.  Her waist cinched in while her tummy pulled tight, glowing with youth and vibrancy.  More mass melted away as the two women kissed and fondled and explored each other.  

“I’m. . .I’m Kayla” the new woman said against Janet’s lips.  Her wife nodded as her hands continued to tempt her.  

“Yes you are.  And I was right, you are adorable - even more than I imagined.”  Kayla blushed at her wife’s compliment, but the twinkle in her eyes was full of naughty curiosity.  “Shall I show you all the new glorious things you have to look forward to?”

“Yes please,” the sultry redhead said. “I’m putty in your hands.”


  1. Amazing, wonderfully detailed caption Miss Simone :-) Fully immersed along with Chuck in fantasizing his alter ego Kayla :-D

    1. Thank you, dear. I'm glad you enjoyed and thanks for commenting on this one.

  2. This has been nearly excellent: "I’ve always imagined. . . . something more modest. Just enough to be distinctly feminine.”

    Thank you very much.

  3. Oh my goddess, I love everything about this caption. The tender, loving tone, the slow build where you can't see where the hypnosis ends and the transformation begins, the willing participation of both parties... this caption was wonderfully written, and it found all of my buttons and pushed them HARD. Very very well done.

    1. The fun part about writing this is that the transformation and hypnosis go hand in hand. Hypnosis for TG can be hard to write because so many love being transformed in stories. I wanted it to blend and I'm glad you felt it did.

  4. Hi Simone, Wow. This was so incredibly sensual. Made me hold my breath. A long sigh..made my little pussy hot.

    1. I hope you have a good shower after reading this, dear.


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