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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Encased | Nylon Love

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A little Nylon Love.

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Reggie’s hands trembled as he clutched the package, eyes slowly reading the flowing calligraphy on the wrapper.  Magic Gal stockings - the same style of stockings his grandmother used to wear.  She had been a beautiful women even in old age but the black and white portraits in the attic proved she had been a beauty beyond measure as a young woman.  And those nylons!  Reggie’s grandmother was class personified in every picture she was in; always in dresses and skirts, always in heels - always in nylons.  In her, Reggie had found the perfect role model for his feminine alter ego.

The silky white material felt so sensual as he drew them up his legs.  His skin tingled under the embroidered pantyhose as they stretched around his shaved legs.  He imagined himself as a woman, reveling in the sensation of these wonderful nylons.  Reggie savored the moment, finally exhaling when he felt the snap of the waistband around his midsection.  However, the slinky material started to creep up his body of it’s own accord.  The fuzzy warmth he felt before grew inside him, nearly paralyzing Reggie with pleasure.  

The material rapidly stretched itself over his body, molding his flesh with unseen hands.  Some unseen force demanded Reggie’s body become worthy of the sheer stockings he wore.  Supernatural energy rippled through his skin, changing his legs into an elegantly feminine shape.  It continued upward, rearranging his manhood until only a smooth mound was in it’s place.  It throbbed with unfamiliar need, stirring new desires within Reggie.

Upward the magic crept, replacing whatever it touched with feminine contours.  Thick digits became slender and graceful, muscle melted into full breasts.  Auburn hair tumbled down and framed a soft face while the magic corrupted Reggie until his feminine side, Karen Sue, emerged.  Her eyes fluttered as she luxuriated in her nylon-encased body, ready to experience everything she always dreamed of.


  1. Lovely cap Simone! Fantastic sensual detail...could practically imagine the transformation happening to me as I read it. Wonderful job.

    1. This was definitely a transformation story so I made sure the detail was front and center. Thanks for your kind words, dear!

  2. What's the address of that company? ;)

  3. Simone
    you always seem to do the most sensual and erotic caps

  4. Lovely work on the design and layout and the writing is fantastic.


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