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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"It's Just Business" or "A Match Made In. . . ."

I love happy accidents and this caption was a perfect example.  I made it for Dee @ Dee-lusions of Grandeur because when I saw the picture, I immediately thought she would enjoy it.  I had no intention of making this caption because I was originally working on another one.  But this was a case when the picture sparked an idea; being the Dee tends to like more "meta" captions.  This one seemed not to need much explanation as the picture was completely interesting on it's own. Also, I love being able to blend humor with wickedness.

Friday, May 20, 2011

"A Firm Grasp" or "Craving What You Hate"

I know some of you dolls wish for a man to take over and show you who's boss.  Perhaps he would give you a body like this one, slim yet shapely, feminine and smooth.  You'll be too weak to fight against him, but by the time he's done, all you'll want is for him to use you as he pleases.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ask The Goddess: What Inspires YOU???

Just thought I would do a little Formspring Q&A:

1. “do you sometimes ask your followers for caption ideas when you run out of them?”

I wouldn't say I ask for ideas but I do pay attention to what's said. The more people comment, the more I pay attention. Some of you leave suggestions in your comments while others leave comments that inspire or provoke a response from me. My favorites are the ones that provide a spark, so if you keep leaving comments, you might say something that inspires me to do a great caption! I always love to hear from you, so keep the commentary coming.

2. “I noticed you like girls wearing pretty dresses but also you like pretty models so... When you are looking for a pic to cap would you rather choose a regular "doll" with a stunning outfit or a stunning "doll" naked?”

This is from Alectra @ Alectra's Playgrounds.

Overall, I like unique or interesting pictures that lend themselves to a story. I have a love for stunning photography and it's part of the reason I prefer modeled shots over candid images. I've noticed that the pictures I prefer using tend to be ones of women in clothing. Perhaps it's the girl in me who loves fashion and pretty clothes. I find few nude photos can do beyond pornography and I don't always want that. Still, there's always a situation for everything, it's just up to the writer to create it. If the picture works, then I'll use it no matter what the situation.

Wow!200 followers! I have to say that's wonderful news! Perhaps I'll do a special caption to mark the event.  Any suggestions? Until next time, dolls.

Monday, May 16, 2011

"Stockholm Syndrome" or "No Longer A Game"

Some of you doll,s wouldn't have a problem with this happening to you.  Would it better to go back or to just let things continue as they do?

Friday, May 13, 2011

[Exclusive Caption] "Romantic Holiday" or "Slip Into A Getaway"

If you knew you could get away with it, would you?  You can't say you wouldn't want such a yummy body.  It's to die for.  No doubt some island stud will sweep you off your feet and into his bed. . . . or perhaps you can have some fun with the girls instead.  Maybe even a couple will want to share a sweet young thing like you as their anniversary present. . . .

Monday, May 9, 2011

[Exclusive Caption] "Teenage Dream" or "A Prom Night Sissy"

It's that time of year when every little girl in school dreams of being swept off to prom and be a princess for a night.  Every little sissy wishes they can join in on the salon trips, dress shopping and looking pretty for pictures.  Perhaps they want their mother to do this to them???  Would you be able to say no to your date after he decides to take you to the hotel room afterwards?  Would you want to?

Friday, May 6, 2011

[EXCLUSIVE CAPTION] "Trapped!!" or "I Straddle The Fence"

Which side am I on?  Doesn't matter, I play for both teams . . .
Well,  you lucky little bitches get TWO exclusives from me in the same week.  Your adoration is welcome.

Here's something I don't see much in captions - Traps.  I must admit, I'm jealous of those who can pull off such a stunt, living on both sides of the fence due to blessings from genetics (The most recent being model Andrej Pejic.  It's not fair!).  Still, it's something that's very real and possible.  Boy or girl?  Pick a side - How about both?

Monday, May 2, 2011

[EXCLUSIVE CAPTION] "Getting Noticed" or "Now That I Have Your Attention. . ."

How can you ignore all of this??
I haven't been quite as active of late, but I shall do my best to keep things updated with content as time permits.  Still, I found enough inspiration to make this little caption so I am sharing it with you all now.

The image if of one of my favorite muses, Vikki Blows.  She's one of my ideal images in terms of a "cool girl" type with a wicked streak.  She has sex oozing from her pores, so you can see why I would want to have a body and look like hers.
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