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Monday, May 9, 2011

[Exclusive Caption] "Teenage Dream" or "A Prom Night Sissy"

It's that time of year when every little girl in school dreams of being swept off to prom and be a princess for a night.  Every little sissy wishes they can join in on the salon trips, dress shopping and looking pretty for pictures.  Perhaps they want their mother to do this to them???  Would you be able to say no to your date after he decides to take you to the hotel room afterwards?  Would you want to?


  1. If Jason plays it right I think our little Brenda might be his by the night's end.Very nice work on this one, loved that he's already thinking about finishing school as Brenda.

  2. Oh yes - very delicious. Poor little Brenda will hopefully become blissful little Brenda

  3. Great theme and i'd imagine Jason would have his way with her. As for me i wouldn't be able to say no to such a proposition.


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