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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Gender-Note Captions (Nine Captions Total)

Once upon a time, I had this idea to use the concept of the Deatnote Universe (an anime/manga horror/thriller series) in TG.  I created a series of captions dealing with this theme and used them on Rachel's Haven.  I even wrote out a little mini backstory and some rules for this universe to it could be used by others.  Problems arose with the amount of rules planned and I felt scaling back was best.  Still, I never got rid of the captions and I always thought it was worthy of use.  A year ago I had even planned on doing a blog of nothing but captions in this universe but I stopped when I got busy doing other captions.  Do you think it's worth revisiting?  Tell me what you think:

First, The Single Captions

For Dee

For Dalene





Now For The Multi-panel series captions.


Katie Milloy

Rebecca Morlay


  1. Oh I really enjoy this mysterious Gender Note series. Sounds like a little note can carry a lot of weight. You make it seem like it is part of a much grander design. A great mystery.


  2. I like this idea as a concept, it's pretty hot and seems to have a lot of potential...

  3. Now I really want to rewatch Death Note. >.>

  4. what an epic posting. very well done. Seems like a unique concept.

  5. I loved the concept of this, but was a little confused by the rules and didn't jump into it.

    Not your fault, mine. I loved that the complexity of the rules gave birth to so many Cap Ideas.

    And yes, you should definitely revisit. This and Glamour Games are wonderful universes to play in.


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