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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Office Appropriate | Babe Crate: Wendy

Going to work means having all the fun.

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 Office Appropriate | Babe Crate: Wendy

“Miss Simone! Miss Simone! Eeek!”  The excited girl barely avoided slipping on the floor as she click-clacked into Miss Simone’s office.  She blushed as she secured the box in her hands, holding out so her boss could see the logo. “My Babe Crate arrived for this month!  Should I try it on?”

“Of course, Wendy.  It’s why you have it, don’t you?”  Wendy giggled at Miss Simone’s common sense reply.  Obviously she should put it on. She could be such a silly thing sometimes.  She was glad she came to work here; she wouldn’t know HOW she got along before Miss Simone was around to tell her what to do.  Wendy carefully opened the box and squealed as she saw her new clothing.

“Goodie!  More office clothes!  I have something new and pretty to wear for you, Ma’am!”  Wendy’s infectious excitement made her boss smile. The pretty thing might have been a bit careless around the office but her bubbly spirit made her a valuable asset to office morale.  Wendy couldn’t operate a copier but she could make a good cup of coffee and she always made everyone feel welcome. Simone watched as Wendy peeled herself out of her current outfit, giggling as she started to wiggle into her new dress.  “This one is a bit loose this month. . . . oooooh!”

Wendy’s soft gasps signaled the tingle spreading underneath her skin.  The familiar warmth made her smile, memories of the first time she tried on a Babe Crate outfit - a time before she came to work for Miss Simone.   That day a silly boy’s desperate decision turned into a happy accident of convenience. Poor John needed a job back then and he didn’t have proper attire to wear for his interview.  The only thing he owned at the time that would have been work appropriate was his Babe Crate outfit - something he ordered to play out his office girl fantasy. It was either show up to the interview in girly mode or not show up at all.

The same wonderful magic that turned John into Wendy was remaking Wendy into something else now.  It pulsed underneath her chest, plumping her breasts up until they were lush and heavy. A coo slipped from Wendy’s lips as they thickened into a more kissable and enticing shape.  The cavernous valley of cleavage deepened as Wendy’s body squeezed into the dress, filling it out until she was voluptuous and buxom. The sweet girl leaned against the wall to steady herself, dizzy from the sensations of her rump filling out the bottom half of the dress.  Her voice breathier now. . . hair a lovely autumn-red shade that tickled her neck and framed her. This Wendy was more diminutive in height despite the taller heels. This Wendy was thick, plush, thick and curvy. Busty and stacked, the dress suit Wendy wore now strained to contain her shapely form.  This Wendy was the one Simone had been waiting for.

“Oh Wendy, you look absolutely divine!” Miss Simone told her subordinate.  Wendy could not hide the blush in her cheeks - Simone’s compliments always had that effect on her.  “I think it’s time we made your membership to Babe Crate platinum permanent.”

“You want me to stay Wendy for good?”  the voluptuous think asked, still trying to catch her breath.  Her body still tingled with magic energy, nipple straining against the fabric of her new outfit.

“Oh yes, darling.  I hired Wendy, not John afterall.  I think you’ll be happier this way.  Why don’t you go and take the rest of day off - I want to get you fitted for new intimates for that lovely new figure.  After that, we can go home and I will explore every new, curvy inch of you.” Wendy shivered at the Simone’s suggestion.

“Yes, Ma’am.  Whatever you say.”  The New Wendy minced out of the office, a smile on her soft lips.  It seemed like John wouldn’t be coming back. That somehow suited her just fine.


  1. It may be a little disconcerting perhaps but many of us would sooner stay "Wendy" because it was us. Delightfully told, Simone.

  2. As delightfully sensual as ever, Simone! That said, a couple small errors distracted me while I was enjoying this caption. Things like "voluptuous think" instead of "thing," or the lack of a space in the middle of "after all." Small things that take this caption down from wonderful to great- probably not worth bothering with at this point. Regardless, everything you create is welcome and each new caption makes my week.


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