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Friday, March 16, 2018

Elegance Undercover | Replicant Beauty

Slipping Into Place

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There was always a rush of exhilaration whenever Gray assumed control of a new mount.  Kasandra was an exquisite specimen who felt as luxurious as the designer gown she wore.  He could feel her warmth as his spirit dove deep into her essence, overwhelming and pushing Kasandra’s mind down.  His soul squeezed into her svelte form, then expanded out and conformed to her shape. Each new body was like slipping into some elegant silk garment or some sinfully delicious dessert.  It was all so disorienting yet highly titillating.

Gray could feel himself settling into Kasandra’s body, engulfing her mind within his own - consuming her memories, thoughts, personality traits.  The flood of feminine thoughts forced a honeyed moan from plump, painted lips. The delightful tingling sensations of hypersensitivity making Gray aware of everything; the tickle of chocolate curls brushing his shoulders, the cool shiver of metal and precious jewels against taunt, creamy skin.  The feminine scent and tastes of perfume and cosmetics. The weight of supple, pliant breasts resting on his chest while silky smooth legs rubbed together on the seat’s imported leather. All the while, The original Kasandra’s mind and soul surrendered to it’s new master, giving the body over completely.

The new Kasandra stretched as her vision cleared.  Yes, she was herself and yet. . . more. She smiled as everything made itself clear.  She had a mission to complete - a party to infiltrate. That was why she was a beautiful woman tonight.  She was the inside girl now, so deep cover that no one could tell the difference. Kasandra purred as she sat up, looking for her heels so she could head downstairs to the resort ballroom.  Her borrowed memories made navigating the 4 inch pumps a breeze. A quick glance at the full-length mirror as she walked out the door - a wry grin of satisfaction. It was time for the new Kasandra to earn her paycheck.


  1. One can sense just how her life is transformed, taking on very much a life of its very own...


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