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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cupcake | Man Made Trap

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Tempting Treats ready to be tasted.

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"How's the baking coming,Cupcake?" Felicia shivered as she heard the pet name.  She turned to her mistress, her smile wide, eager for approval.  

"The first batch is done!  Would you like to taste, Mistress?"  She offered the tray to Simone, teetering atop her heels as best she could.  The spell would never allow her to fully adjust to wearing them; she would always have to mince about with tiny steps or risk falling on her little rump.  

"They are adequate," Simone declared dismissively, barely taking a bite from the offered treat.  "You can work on it, just as you always do, little cupcake."  Felicia's smile remained plastered on her face but the sinking sensation in her chest made her want to run crying to her room.  

"Yes, Mistress," she chirped as she shivered again.  "I will get it right for you."

"No pouting, Felicia.  I don't like it when you are upset."  Felicia cooed as Simone stroked her shoulders.  Simone's mere presence comforted her while simultaneously keeping her on edge.   It was a constant existence of conflicted emotions; she loved Simone but wanted to be upset because of her power over her.  She loved being under Simone's heel but she remembered what she once was.  Simone had crafted a most delicious trap - one made of confusion and delight.

Felicia wanted to curse the word "Cupcake" now.  She would still be in her old ivory tower had she not thrown the word around so carelessly.  The former Felix often used such dismissive terms to refer to his female staff.  To him, they had been pretty faces - eye candy for the morale of the men who did the "real work."  If he learned their actual names, it was purely by accident. His mistake had been assuming Simone was the type of girl who accepted that status quo.  She did not approve of Felix's chauvinistic ways.  She would not be his plaything nor accept his indecent proposals.  Simone hadn't bothered reporting Felix to Human Resources - she knew such men knew how to skirt the system.  She decided putting him in skirts was a better method of re-education.

"You seem to like cupcakes too much, perhaps a cupcake is what you'll be."  She had told Felix that first day.  "Every time someone calls you cupcake, you'll start to become whatever you believe that to be."  With this pronouncement, Simone had doomed the executive.  True to her word, the familiar shiver of magic washed over Felix, slowly eating away at his masculinity.  Towering mass gave way to petite softness.  Sensual grace overpowered hulking muscle.  Every time he tried to run away, the spell would sap him of any resistance.  The feminized boy would go back to work, unable to resist the compulsions of the magic.  

No one looked at Felix's changes with any confusion; the spell weaved an aura around the helpless changeling to help the world adjust to him.  The more feminine he appeared, the more people treated him as such.  Just as the spell was finishing the physical elements of his transformation, people started to call him the accursed nickname.  Each time he heard it, the submissive, girlish compulsions grew.  He happily accepted the skimpy outfits Simone dressed him in.  He couldn’t help but speak in soft intonations and use a very limited vocabulary.  Parts of his mind locked themselves away from him, keeping him from using previous skills and knowledge.  Felix the executive lost his place in the world; Felicia the Cupcake had found a new place as Simone’s live-in plaything.  

Even now, the compulsion continued to rule Felicia’s life.  She was completely subservient to her Mistress now, incapable of imagining life without her dominion.  She did all she could to appear as a prissy, empty-headed girlish thing; the very thing the old Felix imagined all girls to be.  She fussed over her appearance constantly, often getting distracted by her own beauty.  Her mistress would scold her for her airheaded behavior and Felicia would rush to try to please her.  It was an inescapable cycle that kept the the tiny girl on her toes.  She had been conditioned to love her new fate - Felicia wanted nothing more than to be Simone’s sweet little cupcake.  


  1. Very nicely done as do I think cupcake is in a much better place now, than she would have ever been elsewhere, as don't we all love to please n please superior women n my Mistress @hypnoscarlet

  2. I love this so much, have just discovered your deliciously wicked blog....tihnk I am going to be a busy little boy *bows*

    1. So glad you enjoyed and I hope you find more that you like on my blog.

  3. Agreed, as can see I've been here before. As TSHARLOT is an older email of mine. Giggles, funny right.

  4. Beautifully written, you'd want to be her (or at least I would)


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