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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chasing Waterfalls | The Beaten Path

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Where do does your new path take you?

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It wasn't unusual for them to get lost.  They rarely traveled on trails -finding it more fun to pad through the jungles using only a map and GPS.  Erik and Rita loved discovering little nooks of majestic natural beauty; it was the highlight of their vacations.  

"Honey, look at this!" she said as they wandered into the grotto.  "It's gorgeous!" Erik immediately started snapping pictures of the waterfall and the clearing, still in awe of the splendor around them.  

"We should pitch our tent and rest." Erik told her, but he soon heard a splash behind him.  Rita was giggling in the water, her clothing already in a pile on the shore.  Erik needed no other incentive to join her, quickly discarding his own garments.  He quickly found the water refreshing. . . it tingled as the couple cut thru the sparkling water.  Erik chased her to the waterfall, drawing him underneath until they were cuddled alone under the mist.  

Honey, you feel so good," Rita purred as they embraced.  Their kiss soothed both of them, the softness having a dizzying effect on the two.  Both of them noticed a smooth suppleness to their skin, both unable to keep from pawing one another.  As Rita's curves grew more dense and voluptuous, Erik's own muscles dissolved into feminine temptation.  Wet tendrils of hair clung to Erik's shoulders as they kissed. Anxiety should have consumed the changing male, but he could only concentrate on the rapturous sensations of his body.  Their lust demanded more femininity from each other and whatever magic in the water answered in kind. By the time Rita’s fingers slid between Erik’s thighs, he was no longer male.  The sapphic touch of her girlfriend awakened the new girl’s first feminine orgasm, forever altering her fate.

The two girls swam to shore, still unsure of what caused their change.  Neither woman wished to think too hard on the subject; they were more interested in enjoying their newfound beauty.  Rita dressed her new girlfriend in her spare swimsuit and both of them spent the next few days of their vacation in erotic bliss.  They documented the experience with photos, but they didn’t mark the grotto on their maps.  Why risk reversing something they both wanted to stay the same?

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  1. I love this caption (and your blog :) ). I too, enjoy walks off the beaten path... I wonder if I can find this place. I like how they both reach the decision never to return. Plus great balance. Awesome - I'd love to lose myself there


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