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Sunday, August 5, 2018

In A Pinch | Looking Glass

What's on the other side of the mirror?

We come to a major turning point, nearing the end of our tale.

Looking Glass

“That was a wonderful evening out,” Soon-Hee’s smile glowed as she eyed her friend.  “I really enjoyed myself.”

“You’re welcome,”  Kevin’s smile was just as bright as Soon-Hee’s.  Her good mood had been infectious, both of them in good spirits all evening.  “I thought you could use a trip to Georgio's.”

“You KNOW it’s my favorite!” she bubbled, setting her purse down.  “But you took me to see Starry Night too! I couldn’t believe it! I’ve been DYING to see that show!”  Kevin shrugged, the faint touch of pink in his cheeks. Her effervescent happiness seemed to warm him, but no doubt the three bottles of champagne they shared over dinner helped.  Soon-Hee herself was feeling deliciously light-headed after their stroll home from the theatre. Arm-in-arm. Her head against his shoulder.

“It’s what you wanted.  Lately I can’t say no to you.”  He told her, a slight hitch in his voice.  She felt his eyes on her, lingering as she moved about the room.  His expression made her very aware of herself; The silky, clingy sensation of her pantyhose. The gentle brushes of her earrings against her exposed collarbone as she moved.  The sweet floral scent of lavender and jasmine perfume that swirled around her all evening. Even the exposed cleavage that she had deliberately decided to show off - both for her own confidence AND for her present company’s eyes.  Everything from her hair style, to her heels, to her lipstick was selected to make her feel feminine inside and out. She wanted to leave no doubts for anyone’s senses. I am Soon-Hee. I am a woman. She wanted it to be an announcement without having to say a word.  Most of all, she wanted Kevin to see her as she truly was.

“It was all appreciated,” she sighed, settling down for a moment.  Her legs slid together, crossing as her heel dangled from a foot. “I would think you were trying to spoil me.  You really treat me like a lady sometimes.”

“Well, it’s hard not to,” Kevin discarded his blazer, eyes still following Soon-Hee around the room.  “You are the perfect picture of a beautiful woman.” Somehow, Soon-Hee’s smile grew wider.

“I’m beautiful, am I?”  

“I’m not blind.  You are stunning and you KNOW it.  It’s so hard not to see you and. . . “  He paused for a moment, eyes finally turning away from her.  

“What is it?” she pressed, pouncing on his hesitation.  

“I can’t see you as anything other than Soon-Hee.”  His words came slowly, still turned towards the window.  “I’m sorry - but it’s impossible to see how beautiful you’ve become.  It’s impossible not. . . not to have thoughts about you.” Soon-Hee’s heart threatened to soar out of her chest as he spoke, but she remained silent.  The air had been thick between them all night. The lingering eyes between them . . little touches to show affection AND possession. There hadn’t been an audience for their two-man act tonight; it was an intimate rehearsal with no prying eyes.  The peals of laughter and wonderful knots in her stomach had been real. The looks of longing in his eyes were not imagined. “Surly you have to know what kind of effect you have on people who see you now.”

“I hope so,” Her words were barely a whisper, her heart too heavy to trust herself not to explode.  “I want to be seen as a woman. I don’t want anyone to think about Sonny. . . I don’t want there to be any doubt.”  She took a step towards him, her eyes finally finding his. “If you don’t see Sonny anymore then that makes me glad.”  

“So it doesn’t bother you?”  Kevin’s tone was as hushed as hers.  She shook her head.

“I’m flattered.  Very flattered. I only see Soon-Hee now in the mirror everyday.  It’s all I can be at this point. You understand, don’t you?”

“I think so. . . I hope so.  It means you want to be treated like the lady you are?”

“Exactly, dear.”  They both stood across from each other, a part of themselves laid bare.  Kevin the first to break, nodding before picking up his jacket.

“It will be a change, but I think it’s a good one.”  His smile returned. “We’ve come so far haven’t we?”

“Yes,” Soon-Hee answered.  “And still a few more steps to go.” He hugged her before leaving the room, arms enveloping her into his embrace.  She leaned into his chest, molding her own curves against his firm, broad chest. They both seemed to be in no hurry to end the intimate moment, instead basking in each others warmth. Finally, Soon-Hee felt him end the embrace, leaving her as he walked to his room. The feeling of his arms still seemed to surround her as she stood there, reflective long after he had gone to sleep.

Hours later, the thoughts of Kevin’s warm arms were still present in Soon-Hee’s mind.  She lay in her bed, restless as the night’s events danced in her mind. The smell of his cologne still vivid, all from the kind gesture of him laying his blazer across her shoulders as they walked home.  She stared into the darkness and only saw his eyes looking back at her from across a dimly lit table, a longing stirring behind them. A stirring that had to match her own. Her fingers lightly brushed across her chest, the heat of her body rising as a need engulfed her.  She had to know - not tomorrow, not a week later. Tonight. It had to be tonight.

She fluttered from her bed and over to her dresser, opening her intimates drawer to search.  She found what she was looking for and paused as felt another surge of desire within her. The bra contoured to her breasts, accenting them and offering them up to anyone fortunate enough to see them wrapped in satin.  The panties just as ornate, designed to tantalize and accentuate the feminine. She gathered herself in the mirror and brushed just enough color to bring attention to what was already obvious. When she was sure that she was irresistible, she took one last breath and padded over to Kevin’s room. Soon-Hee pushed the door open and saw him lying on the bed, eyes wide open and intense.  He turned towards the door as she called out to him.

“Kevin. . .?” his name a half whisper, half purr from her red lips.

“Soon-Hee?”  She gingerly sauntered into the room, letting him see all of her in the moonlight from the window.  She saw the wide shocked expression on Kevin’s face as she moved closer, her own eyes full of passion - and hunger.

“Kevin. . .” her voice more firm and sultry as she swayed over to the bed, her chest out proudly.

“Soon-Hee. . . . no. . .we. . .”  her finger hushed his protest as she slid next to him.  

“We can, Kevie,”  she cooed. “I’m all woman now.  There’s nothing stopping us.”

“A-all . . . woman?”  he echoed as he sat up.  

“Yes, honey.  I’m all woman.  But I need to be your woman.”

“But are you sure?” his voice was horse, his muscles tensing as he reached out to her.  His hand hovered over her exposed shoulder, eyes looking for signs of rejection. She offered none and his hand found her skin supple and inviting.  

“I have to know what it’s like.  It has to be you. It can only be you.”  Her strength increased after each word, the confession liberating her voice.  Soon-Hee’s voice. It wasn’t a game any longer. She was a woman and she longed for her man’s touch.  His hands glided over her curves like she was a holy creation. Finally he pulled her to him. Her eyes were closed as their lips touched, but the feeling was imprinted onto her memory.  Their mutual passion soared as they pressed together, her hunger deepening the kiss. She clung to his back, nails digging into his skin as both of his arms possessively wrapped around her torso.  When the kiss broke, they both exhaled. Soon-Hee truly felt alive.

They both looked at each other one more time, all questions and permissions exchanged silently.  Kevin pulled the cover open and laid Soon-Hee under him as they kissed again. The delicate lingerie she wore was ripped away to reveal Soon-Hee in all her truth - A wetness ready to welcome his masculinity.   When Kevin tried to restrain himself, she cried out for more, craving the full, unrelenting passion they had been denying themselves for months.

She felt vulnerable yet safe when he finally buried himself within her depths, her thighs wrapped around his torso as he found her core.  For a time, there was nothing else for Soon-Hee - nothing but the delicious velvet heat that was consuming her with each thrust. Her insides tied into knots as her lover groaned her name over and over.  Finally build up within burst open and she was flying with dizzying delight. Soon-Hee’s mind and body were one. The longing in her sated for the moment - Soon-Hee was a woman truly complete.

When they were done, she rolled back and felt the warmth of Kevin’s chest against her bare shoulders.  Hey body still tingled with sensual energy as she tried to catch her breath. His hands explored her body and she let him worship her curves, reveling in this moment of contentment.  She didn’t know what would come next, but she knew that she was never going back.


  1. OMG That Tea the mom gave to to her was a miracle or just plain magic. You see Mirim with all her money I bet had her son and his roommate followed found Sonny's free time diversion. And with said money found the solution to the problem. The Tea gave Mirim a daughter-in-law with the right plumbing to give her grand kids, now she just had to let love take its course eventually her slow son would make the right moves and a wedding would be planed.

  2. Brilliant as ever! The romance woven into the narrative makes this whole experience so delectably rich.

  3. Excellant story. Great writing. One of the best series I've read. Very well done. I hope there I is more. Much more.

    1. There will be more, at least one more segment for this story. There will be MORE stories in this vein as well.

  4. Thank you for the care into this series! It has been a wonderful journey, so far!

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