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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Dolce Decadente | Diva On Display

Some toys are meant to be seen, some to be played with.  Wendy is both.

She always felt the presence of her mistress, even when they were apart. A tingle in the back of her mind always reminded Wendy that she belonged to HER.  The ethereal touch of her mistress was a constant influence on Wendy, but it was strongest when she stood before the elegant mirror. It was a gift from Mistress, the first treasure she gave Wendy.  

“I want you to see yourself, Wendy.” Mistress told her that day.  “See yourself as the girl you are. The girl I know you are. The girl you will be.”  The dominant woman had known Wendy’s true heart: A woman trapped in a masculine exterior waiting for someone to set her free.  

Mistress reached into that man’s mind and found Wendy.  Her magic pulled Wendy to the surface, drawing out her submissive desires and dreams.  The tendrils of energy reached out as Wendy looked at her reflection, rippling underneath the skin and wrapping around her like layers of satin.  Everyday she would stare at her reflection, feeling the power of her mistress changing her flesh into something new. Sweet feminine softness enveloping hard masculinity; submerging the male part of Wendy in a sea of beauty.  

The delightful sensations of change clouded Wendy’s thoughts as she continued her metamorphosis.  As she become thicker and more curvaceous, Wendy’s mind become more submissive and willing. Each day her hips and rump would be a little wider and her breasts heavier.  Her skin would glow with a flawless suppleness. Her waist would tighten while other parts would become plush and squeezable. Glittering, painted talons tipped her fingers as they became delicate and girlsh. So powerful were these changes that Wendy could no longer see the boy in the mirror.  

Those changes had long gone past the feminine, yet they continued.  The enchanted whispers of her mistress continued influencing Wendy, corrupting her into some kind of pin-up perfection.  Her lips pouty and full, eyes more alluring and hair falling like strands of silk around her face. This lush package of femininity was adorned with a garment made of gold and jewels that shimmered with a beauty equal to Wendy’s.

“Oh my sweet Wendy,” the whispers of her Mistress said.  “Do you think I gave you this gift to keep you hidden away?  It is time to show you off. I want the world to see what kind of toy I have to play with.  They will see what a delightful treasure you have become and what kind of pleasures you are capable of.  It’s time I sampled my wonderful Wendy - and I want everyone to see.”

The stunning doll cooed at her reflection, her mistress’s words taking hold in her mind.  She was a prized possession - a plaything for sapphic lust. This was her fate and she gladly welcomed it.  


  1. Oh, that's fantastic - gorgeous photo, and a great story to bring her out

  2. I loved everything about this caption!

  3. wonderful Goddess! So nice to have a new caption from You!


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