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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The Doll's Heart | A Pair of Wishes


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“I had a wish,” Her voice was already shifting - losing bass and becoming soft.  “But I didn’t want to make it.” Already the masculine edges of her body were melting away.  I was too dizzy to respond, my mind a cloud of cotton candy.  “As soon as I saw the djinn with her thick body - I knew what I wanted.” She bit her lower lip, already kissably plump.  Golden tresses tickled her shoulders and framed her now heart-shaped face.  She discarded her old shirt, revealing creamy, flawless flesh.  Mounds of titflesh grew round and dense as they sprouted from her chest.  She paused for a moment to admire her developing feminine form while I watched, squirm from an unfamiliar warmth between my thighs.

“I saw her glowing skin and voluptuous shape and I felt. . . jealousy.”  She giggled in a breathy register that surprised and aroused me.  Her fulsome hips swayed deliciously  as she made her way over to me and helped remove my shirt.  “Her soft features, dazzling jewelry and cute way she called us ‘Masters’ utterly melted me.  She was a manifestation of my most vivid fantasies taunting me.”  She slid up behind me and revealed my own pair of lush titties. Her lithe fingers clutched them and I moaned from the sensation.  I had to lean against her as she turned me towards the mirror and revealed a stunning blonde siren and bewitchingly curvaceous brunette staring back at us.

“I wasn’t going to . . . I was holding back,”  she whispered as her fingers sunk into my titflesh.  “But you saw the longing in my eyes - just like you always do.  You saw my longing told the djinn that you wanted your friend’s wish to come true.”  I felt my hips shifting and thickening into different shapes.  My own lips were just as pillowy as the blonde minx clutching my breasts protectively.  “You had no idea what you were unleashing.”

“I didn’t just want to be a woman; I wanted to be owned.  I wanted to be a treasure, a balm for someone I saw as my dominion.  I wanted to submit - but not just anyone.”  Her soft lips were red now, eyes twinkling as her lushness pressed into my own.  New thoughts percolated within my mind, desires taking shape that I did not yet fully grasp.  “You’ve always taken care of me.  You always knew what was best and you were the only one worthy.  As soon as you said it, I felt the magic reach into my head and extract my wish.  I wanted to be feminine.  I wanted to be submissive.  I wanted a dominant.  I wanted you to be my Mistress.”  

The last word stuck to my mind and soul, making those new desires concrete.  I was suddenly struck with a new hunger - a possessiveness for my new companion.  Our old bond evolving with our new bodies.  I licked my lips and touched my head, confidence flooding me.  I purred, knowing exactly what my new doll wanted.  She smiled, recognizing the desire in my eyes.  The slickness between my thighs was warm, my old male parts reformed into a dewy rose of womanhood.   I reached back and clutched at her hip, my fingers grasping a pair of panties.  “Yes, Mistress, I am yours.  Your Chanel.”  My lips curled into a smile, my mind fully aware of my new status and name.

“And I’m your Mistress.  Mistress Yevonne”


  1. "I wanted to be owned. I wanted to be a treasure." Damn...I just purred out loud and now my panties are wet;)

  2. Wow wow wow, such a hot one. I love how the caption works with the image too. Fantastic job! -WedgeFel

  3. Extremely hot! Such a great caption Simone. That final paragraph? Just so steamy! -WedgeFel


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