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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The Doll's Heart | A Pair of Wishes


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“I had a wish,” Her voice was already shifting - losing bass and becoming soft.  “But I didn’t want to make it.” Already the masculine edges of her body were melting away.  I was too dizzy to respond, my mind a cloud of cotton candy.  “As soon as I saw the djinn with her thick body - I knew what I wanted.” She bit her lower lip, already kissably plump.  Golden tresses tickled her shoulders and framed her now heart-shaped face.  She discarded her old shirt, revealing creamy, flawless flesh.  Mounds of titflesh grew round and dense as they sprouted from her chest.  She paused for a moment to admire her developing feminine form while I watched, squirm from an unfamiliar warmth between my thighs.

“I saw her glowing skin and voluptuous shape and I felt. . . jealousy.”  She giggled in a breathy register that surprised and aroused me.  Her fulsome hips swayed deliciously  as she made her way over to me and helped remove my shirt.  “Her soft features, dazzling jewelry and cute way she called us ‘Masters’ utterly melted me.  She was a manifestation of my most vivid fantasies taunting me.”  She slid up behind me and revealed my own pair of lush titties. Her lithe fingers clutched them and I moaned from the sensation.  I had to lean against her as she turned me towards the mirror and revealed a stunning blonde siren and bewitchingly curvaceous brunette staring back at us.

“I wasn’t going to . . . I was holding back,”  she whispered as her fingers sunk into my titflesh.  “But you saw the longing in my eyes - just like you always do.  You saw my longing told the djinn that you wanted your friend’s wish to come true.”  I felt my hips shifting and thickening into different shapes.  My own lips were just as pillowy as the blonde minx clutching my breasts protectively.  “You had no idea what you were unleashing.”

“I didn’t just want to be a woman; I wanted to be owned.  I wanted to be a treasure, a balm for someone I saw as my dominion.  I wanted to submit - but not just anyone.”  Her soft lips were red now, eyes twinkling as her lushness pressed into my own.  New thoughts percolated within my mind, desires taking shape that I did not yet fully grasp.  “You’ve always taken care of me.  You always knew what was best and you were the only one worthy.  As soon as you said it, I felt the magic reach into my head and extract my wish.  I wanted to be feminine.  I wanted to be submissive.  I wanted a dominant.  I wanted you to be my Mistress.”  

The last word stuck to my mind and soul, making those new desires concrete.  I was suddenly struck with a new hunger - a possessiveness for my new companion.  Our old bond evolving with our new bodies.  I licked my lips and touched my head, confidence flooding me.  I purred, knowing exactly what my new doll wanted.  She smiled, recognizing the desire in my eyes.  The slickness between my thighs was warm, my old male parts reformed into a dewy rose of womanhood.   I reached back and clutched at her hip, my fingers grasping a pair of panties.  “Yes, Mistress, I am yours.  Your Chanel.”  My lips curled into a smile, my mind fully aware of my new status and name.

“And I’m your Mistress.  Mistress Yevonne”

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Stepping Up | Bitch-Sitting


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“Bring me my champagne and be quick about it.  Be useful for once.”  Jacob flicked his wrist dismissively, taking a moment to admire his manicured nails - stark white in contrast to black dress adorning his body.  

“Yes, dear,” The man kneeling at his feet said before gathering himself and walking out.

“Yes, MA’AM” Jacob corrected, watching the man flinch.  Jacob’s lips curled into a smile, still wet from pink gloss.  He didn’t want to admit it, but tormenting his father in this fashion was fun.  He had grown up thinking his father was such a powerful and prideful man.  Now he saw him in a different light; sniveling.  Weak.  Pathetic.

“Admit it, you love this,” The voice in his head whispered.  He tried to shake his mind free of her influence but he couldn’t resist.  His delicate hands rose up to caress his creamy breasts, admiring their shape.  The same breasts his stepmother Lilly possessed.  Her voice tickled his thoughts as he admired his lustful curves.  “You see your father as I see him - a plaything.”

He stayed silent, unable to deny her words. Lilly’s thoughts had truly colored Jacob’s psyche.  All of her cunning, debaucherous desires were seeping into his mind, corrupting and twisting him into her carbon copy.  Her words sunk deep into his subconscious, making sure Jacob’s heart matched his feminine body.  He tried to hold onto his sense of self by focusing on his contempt for her but his resistance was crumbling fast.  God help him, he didn’t expect to love being his own stepmother.  She was away spending her husband’s money, but here influence was assured thanks to the double she created in her absence.

“Why does it feel so good?” The former Jacob whispered, rubbing her thighs together as she tried to quell the damp warmth between them.  Instead, her arousal grew, her eyes glancing over at the mirror. “Gawd I’m so hot.”  She moaned in the same voice as the original Lilly, her reflection’s lashes waving at her.  Her mind was permanently shifting to the feminine, dominating Jacob’s sense of self.

“You ARE hot,” The voice within her said.  “You are a hot, sexy bitch and you know it.  It’s who you are now.”  The new Lilly didn’t want to give the original satisfaction.  Still, how could she deny it?  It felt so GOOD to be bitch to her former father.  She loved seeing how sexy she looked in the tight dress contouring to her curves.  Everything from her lipstick to her heels to her perfume oozed lavish decadence.   She was feminine perfection - just like her stepmother.  “You’ll give in soon enough. Just let me wash over you.  You’re Lilly and it feels good to be a bitch.”  She sighed and let herself entertain the thoughts overriding her masculine perception.  She was going to give in and let herself be Lilly in every way.  Her lover was on his way and she would spread her legs for him on her marriage bed while her husband listened behind locked doors.  Then she would be ready to accept herself as the hot sexy bitch she had become.

Friday, February 17, 2023


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  “We made it, Sonja!” Chloe squealed as she hugged her blonde bestie.  Sonja smiled back, more out of relief than excitement. 

“Yep, we made it,” Sonja said. “We’re Sigma girls.” Saying it didn’t sound so bad.  Sonja the Sigma girl.  Her glossy lips spread into a genuine smile as she turned the thought over in her head.  She was now one of the elite sisters of Sigma Sigma Alpha Incorporated, a journey she had taken alongside her best friend, Chloe.  

“Do you regret it?” Chloe stood up on her toes to whisper in Sonja's ear. “Helping me out, I mean?”  

“Nope, not a chance.” Sonja shook her head.  “It’s not everyday a guy gets to pledge to a sorority.” Sonja winked, sending Chloe into a fit of giggles.

“Don’t let them hear you!”  She fussed. “Jason can come back after the semester when Sonja ‘transfers’ away.”  Sonja nodded, remembering the plan.  Chloe’s confidence wasn’t nearly as radiant as it was now.  Pledging Sigma had brought out the best in Chloe and that alone was worth spending time as a woman.  

“It’s no problem, I can handle a few more weeks,” Sonja had already spent most of the school year as a woman thanks to pledging.  She had survived mixers with handsy frat boys, slumber parties with co-eds, and some rather silly hazing.  She originally didn’t think she would have to spend more than a week as a woman - she had only pledged because Chloe begged Jason for support.  Chloe had known about Jason’s magical talents since they were kids but had never asked for such a favor before.  This time she was terrified of rushing alone.  Jason relented to her request and transformed himself into the woman that would eventually become Sonja.  

Chloe and Sonja rushed Sigma and Sonja could not have been more annoyed.  Admittedly it had more to do with her discomfort with her new body than the requirements of being a pledge.  Sonja used some quick spell weaving to siphon some feminine knowledge and instincts from the girls around her so that she could get through the experience.  It made it easier to walk around in heels and alleviate any other discomforts.  She used all the knowledge and charm acquired from the spell to ace the interview and mingle with the other pledge.

To her surprise, Sonja’s spell worked too well - she was named a Pledge right alongside Chloe!  She knew there was no way She could reject it - Chloe was going to ask for Sonja to stick around.

“You have to do this!” Chloe pleaded.  “I’ll owe you big time but I can’t do this without you!  I promise you can go back to being Jason just get through pleading and we’ll make up some excuse for Sonja to transfer out of state.”

Sonja thought about all the things she had to deal with, some of them were absolutely humiliating but most of them were surprisingly rewarding.  She wasn’t sure if it was the compulsions or the experience but she and Chloe grew closer.  Their bond strengthened as they supported each other but it also extended out to their line sisters.  The entire group linked up to make sure no one fell behind.  They all agreed that they would all cross together as one unit - no one quits.  Truth to their pledge, all of them crossed over and Sonja had to admit she was elated to see her new friends so happy.  None made her happier than Chloe.  

“Smile, ladies!” One of their line sisters shouted as she held up a phone.  Both of them struck a pose, Chloe’s lips puckered up.  Sonja fought off a fit of giggles as the picture was taken.  When it all came down to it, she knew she wasn’t ready to leave the sisterhood.  She had learned something about herself that she wasn’t ready to give up.  Besides, she knew Chloe would be thrilled that her sister was sticking around.





Wednesday, February 15, 2023




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 “Ooo, someone’s excited today!” I cooed as I affectionately rubbed my tummy.  My little passenger kicked against my hand, their enjoyment evident.  I was on my way to get my nails done and meet with some friends later.  To most, I appeared to be a young and vibrant expectant mother and that’s exactly what I wanted the world to see me as.  The truth was certainly more perplexing to the uninitiated.

I’m blessed with the gift of the arcane - eldritch power that most people would simply call magic.  Like most, I trained in secret with others of my ability and I learned to weave powerful spells to alter almost anything around me.  Once I mastered my skill, I used my power to explore my feminine side.  The first time I transformed myself into a woman I knew I would spend most of my time this way.  It just feels right.  However, I learned of another and surprisingly lucrative advantage to my abilities.

The child within my womb is actually a client and they are paying for a full weekend.  They get to experience the maternal comfort of the womb - completely aware of the sensations that come with it.  I nurse and nurture them with my body as any mother would and I in turn get to feel the bond of mother and child.  I become a vessel for life and it brings me absolute joy.  They return to normal after their time is up and I am paid well for my service.

My clients say it eases their stress and allows them to simply exist in a place of comfort.  I adore the sensation of having a swollen tummy and the rush of maternal hormones it brings me.  My clients pay quite a lot for even just a few hours of time as a child growing within my womb.  The wealthiest of my clients pay top dollar to spend a trimester nursing within me.  My next client has booked the most time ever - nine months to full term.  I’m excited because I’ll soon know what it’s like to give birth.  This experience will also assure that I will be wealthy beyond my needs.  Still, I have no plans to stop.  Nothing else gives me this much purpose.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

The Cost of Luxury | A Beautiful Trap


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There they are.  The two women in my life.  I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful family. They are my pastel-coated hell that I cannot escape.

When I met Gabrielle, I was a content widower focused on building my business and raising my son, Steven.  She was holding court at the country club among the other socialites while I was enjoying a whiskey and cigar after a round of golf.  Among a flock of beautifully enhanced women of means, Gabby was the standout.  I showed my interests immediately and she reciprocated.  Our whirlwind romance drew her quickly into my bed and eventually into home as my wife.

I love to spoil my women and Gabrielle is a woman used to luxury.  To me, my woman should be a symbol of my wealth and means so I opened my wallet to support her indulgent lifestyle.  I gladly paid for her extravagant shopping trips and weekly salon upkeep because I adored having a glamorous, feminine woman at my side.  She was entitled and demanding of my resources and attention and I gladly gave it all to her.  

Gabrielle quickly integrated herself into my life and took over the day-to-day household concerns.  I thought Steven would be upset with this but he bonded easily with Gabby.  She kept him close and took him with her on her salon visits and other feminine activities.  I didn’t know it at the time but she was surrounding him with her circle and fostering curiosities within my son.  Eventually she started to “accidentally” mix panties into his laundry and leave cosmetics in the shopping bags with his purchases.  When he opened Pandora’s Box and tried them on, she was waiting to snare the confused young man in a web of comfort and acceptance.  

Months went by without me knowing about “Stephanie.”  My wife encouraged his budding feminine persona by giving him everything I gave her.  He sat next to her in a salon chair and got his hair and nails done.  She had him at the cosmetics counter getting makeovers and bought him lavish clothes and jewelry.  By the time I noticed the changes, my son was well on his way to becoming a teenage version of my wife!

I should have been angered by this development.  Instead of a proud young boy entering high school and manhood I now had a self-indulgent, entitled little fashionista.  I looked at how utterly feminine my Steven had become and I felt - proud.  She pushed her new fake breasts up in her scandalously revealing dress and I was dumbfounded at how through her transition was.  Instead of raging at my wife, I took her to bed and ravished her like never before.

Now my wife knows that she has me.  The more she and my new sissy daughter indulge their desires, the more turned on I become.  Stephanie runs up my credit cards and continues her transformation into a teenage vixen.  Her mother encourages these habits and indulges in them herself.  I’m almost sure Stephanie is dating older men now and using the same tricks her mother used on me to milk them dry.  It’s also obvious by their conversations that she’s sexually active.  Yet I don’t resist; it only draws me deeper into Gabby’s web.  I can’t deny either of them nor do I want to.  I stand by in frustration at my impotence . . . because I want to join them.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Overwhelmed | The Embrace of Desire

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Thomas placed his suitcase on the bed, then plopped with a sigh.  His grandfather had given him a lot to think about.  Family legacy, magic and shapeshifting.  He would have thought his grandfather was insane had he not watched the patriarch transform himself into a young hispanic man. It was astounding to discover that his grandfather was a wizard with arcane powers unimagined.  It was even more amazing to discover that Thomas himself held the same abilities.

He turned to the suitcase next to him and opened it.  His fingers trembled as he grabbed the delicate lingerie within.  Like his grandfather, Thomas could shift reality and himself at a whim.  The ability to shapeshift was the magic that came naturally to his family - at least according to his grandfather.  Thomas had learned the basics from his grandfather but left for the weekend to test his talents and desires alone.

He could feel the tremble of magic pulsing within him as he clutched the bra and panty set.  The magic followed his orders and shrunk his fame, shifting mass and redistributing itself.

“Magic has a way of attaching itself to our greatest desires,” his grandfather’s voice echoed within Thomas’s head as he transformed.  “The more you want to change, the more potent your transformation becomes.”  Thomas groaned and licked his lips as his chest expanded and thickened.  He slipped the intimates on to support his developing breasts.  He couldn’t help but rub his thighs together as he felt mass shift into his hips and inflate his ass.  His bottom furiously tried to catch up to his breasts, turning Thomas into something voluptuous and fulsome.

Excitement growing, Thomas padded over to the mirror to see the results. His features softened into feminine delicacy, erasing the masculine.  The excitement grew and a voice within his head asked for more . . . and even more.

“Mmmmm” Thomas mewed as his breasts grew heavier within the cups of his bra.  His growing proportions challenged the support of his lingerie while his ass mushroomed into overabundance.  Something within delighted at this development and craved even more lushness!  Thomas’s hidden desires found what it wanted and surged into his manhood.  He squealed as he felt his balls and shaft pull inward to his abdomen, making him woozy.  The last bits of his masculinity absorbed itself into a blossoming flower of femininity.  The feminine creature reached down with a graceful finger and lightly prodded her new flat mound.

Naomi’s hidden desires had truly unraveled her former male self.  She was now abundant and curvaceous in a way her old self would have never dreamed of.  Everything felt so feminine and so right.  She wasn’t sure if she could be Thomas again - and she was less sure if she ever wanted to be.  She had the whole weekend to figure it out.








Sunday, February 5, 2023


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“Go ahead.  Do it.”  Madeline’s defeated voice said.

The bright light of the beam flickered as I pulled the trigger.  Her body deflated and fell to the ground, a pile of what appeared to be some flesh colored material.  I scooped up the fabric and went to her bedroom, smiling to myself before discarding my own clothing.  

“I’m so glad you’ve become agreeable to this little arrangement,” I said as I rolled the stocking-like fabric up my leg.  I sighed for a moment, loving the satiny touch of it. “We both know that this is best for both of us.”  My voice rose as I spoke, the register shifting into a more sultry, feminine tone.  I paused as the flesh-toned material merged with me, warming with life.  I fanned myself before pulling the clingy material up to my waist, feeling it constrict and mold my core.  I felt it entwine itself with my body, demanding my hips become fulsome and womanly.  Creamy, flawlessly tanned skin replaced my own pasty masculine shape, shrinking me down to a delectably petite height. I groaned as my manhood was swallowed by the void of the suit and replaced by a smooth feminine mound.  

“Aren’t you glad I spent weekends pampering your body, Madeline?” I purred as I pulled the rest of the suit over my chest and slipped my arms into the glove-like sleeves.  I flexed the fingers as they became dainty and graceful.  “I gave that pale skin of yours and gave you a glowing tan.  Then I had your body waxed to make you flawless!  To think you were hiding this fabulous body under frumpy clothes.”  I felt Madeline’s essence shivering under the surface, embracing my own spirit.  She was aware of every word.  I smiled as I felt my chest adopting her breast’s sensitivity and heft.  My delicate fingers slid underneath them and cupped my heaving globes.  I cooed and licked my lips, savoring their density and fullness.  “Gawd, aren’t you glad I got these enhanced?  Gave you some real curves.”  I grinned, finally pulling the head over my face submerging into darkness as the suit sealed.

I blinked, lashes flickering while my head swirled with giddy dizziness.  Everything was vibrant and vivacious.  I felt my nipples stiffen as my mind merged and dominated my host.  Madeline’s spirit surrendered to my anima;  A passenger within her own flesh.  

“Now I’m Madeline.” I said as I stood up, curves jostling and hips swaying as I padded to the bathroom.  I turned on the shower and glanced at the mirror, leaning forward to feel my breasts sway from my chest. “You love seeing it, don’t you?  The stunning, sexy bitch I turned you into?”  Madeline’s spirit pulsed, desperately submitting to my dominant aura.  

“This is the woman you could be but lack the heart or will to become. A man sculpted you into your ideal self. I'm that better girl.  I’m you!”  I twirled on a heel, stepping into the steamy water as I basked in my superiority.  The shower relaxed me as I pampered my delicious curves with a scented body wash.

“You don’t deserve such a delectable and shapely body,” I told my host as I patted my balmy skin dry. Her aura shivered in agreement, her whispers growing stronger within my mind.  I can’t stop you, she whimpered, aroused by her powerlessness.  I’m just a voice in your head.  

“That’s right,” I purred with satisfaction.  “You’re just a collection of  lingering thoughts.”  I savored the lovely sensations of scented oils and lotions moisturizing my skin.  The radiant glisten they gave my skin would look dazzling under the  dim candlelight of the restaurant my date was taking me to.  “You were so meek.  So mediocre when you should be a queen.”  

She never put up a fight or protested my dominion.  I took the silly lump of clay pretending to be  Madeline and made her a diva!  Every time I wore her, she watched me upgrade some aspect of her life.  I asserted myself as her proxy and shifted the narrative from docile wallflower to stunning vixen.  I brought out her best and made people bow to my heels.  I wrapped men around my finger and she felt the thrill of my exhilaration.  Every time I took control, she lost herself in the feminine power I exercised.  I was the mistress of her mind and body.  My control over Madeline was absolute.  

“You don’t fight me because you know you can’t do this,” My host pulsed in agreement as I brushed mascara on my lashes and traced my eyes with liner.   My lips were made more kissable by pink gloss and I had styled my hair into a radiant crown of gold.  “Don’t I look ravishing?  I bet Gregory will love it.” I told my reflection as I poured myself into an ivory ruched strapless dress.  I felt my host’s spirit flicker in surprise. “That’s right; The boy you’ve been crushing on for over a year - the one you didn’t make a move on and let your friend Valerie scoop up?  I did what you couldn’t do and made a move.  He’s taking me out.”    I slipped on my heels, standing in front of the mirror as the doorbell chimed.  I hit the door lock on my phone and struck a pose as Gregory walked in.

“Wow you look incredible, Maddie!” I preened and gave him a twirl, loving his attention.  My host pulsed with rapture.  

“Thank you, kind sir!”  I leaned against Gregory, rewarding his kind words with a cheek kiss;  A bit of sweetness to mark my property.  I knew my host felt my intoxication as he escorted me out the door.  She knew it would only be a matter of time before I took over permanently and became Madeline forever. 

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