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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Idolize 3 | Feel Special



The next chapter in Natalia's adventure!

Please make sure you read the previous chapters before continuing: 


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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Sunday, January 22, 2023

A Woman's Business | Idolize 2


 Please read the first chapter of idolize before this!

The continuing adventures of Natalia with her magical aunt, Julie.  I broke it into smaller parts so the next one should be coming down the pipe soon!  Enjoy!

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 “Ok, ladies.  One. . .Two. . .Three!” The flash flickered as both Natalia and Julie held their poses.  Their photographer, a handsome man who they stopped while taking selfies, took several pictures of the women in different poses.  Natalia and Julie quickly minced over to him when they were done, eager to look at the photos.

“That one is so cute!” Julie said as she pointed to the screen.  Natalia glanced at their impromptu photographer as he waited to the side.  Julie finally turned her attention to him, shifting her hip to one side.  “Thank you sooo much!”  She cooed.  Nat watched as the man melted in the face of Julie’s smile.  Even in disguise, Aunt Julie’s charm shined.  With a few sweet words and a smile, she sent the handsome man on his way.

“I’ve seen you do that a hundred times and I’m still in awe of it,” Natalia told her aunt as they crossed the lobby.  It wasn’t unusual for them to go out clubbing together, but this time Natalia’s aunt wanted the thrill of being a younger woman.  Julie used her own shifter magic to transform herself from a mature and beautiful blonde to a fresh faced collegiate brunette. “You basically rejected him and he still walked off with a smile.”

“Who says I rejected him?” Julie said. “I gave him my number and told him to call me. ”

“Oh My God, Julie!” Natalia put a hand over her lips, suppressing a giggle.  

“What?  He was hot!  Besides, it’s not like I haven’t seen you do the very same thing,” Julie led them past the bouncer.  He didn’t even bother to stop them for ID.  Just two stunning women walking past the velvet ropes, pretty privilege on display. “You’ve learned every trick I know and I’ve watched you use most of them.  In fact, you’ve gotten so good that I have a little proposition for you.”

“Oh? Do tell.” Natalia perked up, the naughty thrill of helping Julie always a source of excitement. Every task Julie had was always a pleasurable experience that nourished her own magical talents.

“It turns out that one of my girlfriends needs to be in two places at once,” Julie explained as they walked upstairs to VIP. “Since you help me out when I’m double booked, I told her that I have someone who might be able to help her out.  Think you are up to it?”  Natalia chewed on her lower lip, considering the request.  Julie first taught Natalia how to use her magic cosmetics by mimicking other people.  Natalia meticulously observed women around her in order to imitate them.  She spent hours in the guise of her teachers, her sister, even her own mother until Julie approved of each imitation.  “If it helps, my friend is willing to pay.  I showed her the pictures of us twinning and she couldn’t tell us apart!”

“Pay?  How much?” Julie leaned over and whispered to her niece.  Nat glanced over to her aunt in disbelief.  “Tell her she has a deal.”


Natalia would’ve gladly taken the request as a favor to her aunt.  However, the money was the  wonderfully enticing icing on top of an already delicious cake.  In order to put Julie’s friend at ease, Natalia agreed to meet with her.  Julie provided her niece with a few pictures and Natalia studied her social media feeds.  After school, Natalia would shed her male identity and practice transforming into Julie’s friend, Jade.  The woman was a bit younger than Nat’s aunt but just as stunning.  Jade had a slender, distinctly feminine shape, and Nat studiously worked to sculpt Jade’s curvaceous breasts and tight core.  Natalia found Jade’s body felt wonderfully divine; it was so toned and captivating.  

“Gwad, your body is almost as enchanting as Julie’s,” Nat purred as her form shifted into Jade’s.  “Being you is going to be a dream.”  

It only took a few days for the changeling to adopt Jade’s shape, voice, and mannerisms.  Julie, ever the vigilant mentor, critiqued Natalia until her transformation was impeccable.  The day before meeting Jade, Nat selected an outfit from one of her pictures and purchased it for herself.  

The young mimic had a satisfied smile on her lips when she walked onto Julie’s balcony, hips swaying as the real Jade’s mouth hung open.  She casually slid across from Jade, dark hair styled exactly the same way.  Natalia’s eyes danced as Jade gaze took inventory of the identical jewelry, sunglasses, and even purse.  Her smile grew wider as Jade’s nose twitched, recognizing her signature perfume.  

“I know I’m a bit late,” Natalia spoke with Jade’s smooth soprano.  “I wanted to get my nails done.  I went to Athena’s on the corner of 10th and Regal.  I believe you know it?”  The real Jade remained slack jawed.  “They said I was two days early for YOUR appointment but Kelly was kind enough to fit me in.”  Natalia displayed her nails to Jade.  “Did she do a good job?”  Jade continued to look on, still in disbelief of her twin sitting in front of her.  Finally, she found her own voice.
“Ok, you clearly can pull this off.  I’ll Venmo half the money to your account then send you the rest when I get back.  I’ll also send you everything you’ll need to impersonate me.  You’ll have a copy of my keys, my phone, passwords and all the information you asked for.”

“If I may ask, where will you be?” Natalia asked.  Jade smirked at the question.

“I’ll be spending the week training at a private, intense boot camp in Cabo with my personal trainer.”  Natalia’s smile matched Jade’s as she picked up her purse before standing up.

“I hope you enjoy your trip.  I’ll take care of everything else.  Your husband won't know you are gone.


Natalia coordinated everything with Julie in order to anticipate as many problems as possible.  They arranged for Nathan to take a trip with his favorite aunt as cover for him being gone during spring break.  She spent her free time studying all of Jade’s documents so that she could memorize as many details about the woman’s life as possible.  She was easing into the role with each passing day, finding her comfort with Jade’s body and details.  

When the day came, Natalia put on the outfit that Jade provided her and waited at aunt Julie’s place.  The real Jade walked in on time, wearing the same outfit she had sent Natalia.  

“Who are my best friends?” Jade asked her double.

“Simone, Chanel and Charlotte,” Natalia answered with ease. “You four meet for brunch every Saturday at Benson’s.”

“What’s my husband’s favorite dish?”

“Garlic Salmon with potatoes.  You have the cook make it for him at least once a week if he’s in town.”

“And what’s the name of my camp crush?”

“Officially Bradley Turner.  But your besties know you also experimented with Josie Loren.”  Jade sighed, shoulders viability losing up.  Natalia held up the pink designer purse that matched Jade’s.  “Your cloned phone, all your accounts, and everything else you sent over.”

“Feel free to go shopping while I’m gone,” Jade told her before leaving. “Think of it as a bonus.  If you are lucky, my husband will spend the weekend at the country club and you won’t have to deal with him much.”  Natalia’s eyes brightened at this bit of information. She was certainly going to take advantage of this new perk.  She waited the allotted time and then headed down stairs to Jade’s waiting car.

“Take me up town, Eric,” She told the driver. “I think I want to enjoy some retail therapy.” The driver nodded, never once questioning who the person was in the back seat.  Natalia slid her glasses down over her eyes, smiling to herself.  For the next seven days, she was Jade.

Monday, January 16, 2023

The Young Miss | The Privilage of Beauty


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Owen had already discarded the baggy pullover before the car left the academy’s parking lot.  Delicate fingers undid a few buttons of the oversized white shirt, revealing creamy breasts cradled by a lacy silk bra.  The tinted windows provided privacy as he discarded his male uniform.  Only his driver Brandi would be privy to his change.  

“Where to, miss?” The driver asked as Owen flicked his hair and let it tumble down past his shoulders.  He so hated having to hide it everyday in a bun.  It was still preferable to having to answer questions.  His lovely locks took meticulous care to maintain, especially considering he had to make it look like he didn’t care.  Yet it was all worth it after the day when he felt it tickle the back of his neck.  A little more of his true self let loose.

“I’m meeting someone at The Oasis,” Owen told Brandi, voice already growing softer and breathy.  Yasmina was surfacing, taking over and emerging from within Owen’s mind as he revealed the hidden feminine charms underneath his uniform.  Exquisitely flawless skin, a slender waist and modest curves grown from careful hormone treatments.  She had been mindful to keep her body hidden but it was getting more difficult. Yasmina’s curves had grown too obvious and distinct to keep contained. Luckily graduation was only a few months away and then she could stop pretending to be male.

Still, the routine would do for now.  Brandi always brought Yasmina an ideal outfit to change into and today was no different. The white and gray patterned skirt shimmied over Yasmina’s hips and hugged them deliciously.  No doubt her date would love seeing her coltish legs while she swayed about in her stilettos.  It was paired with a matching jacket that gave the outfit a touch of class and provided Yasmina with something to cover her cleavage.  However, she wanted her girls in full view - both for her date and for any other men that might want a look.

The beautification ritual always relaxed Yasmina.  The feeling of earrings swinging from her ears reminded her of how feminine she had become. She never rushed, giving herself time to fully submerge herself within the privilege of a woman’s beauty.  Her confidence always emerged as she applied cosmetics to accent her doll-like features. By the time Yasmina swiped the mascara wand over her lashes, there was no trace of the boy who had gotten into the back of the car.  A stunningly flawless socialite checked the straps of her heel to make sure it was secure.  She was excited; her date Eric was handsome and very capable.  Of course, he was well established - older men tended to be.  He promised to take Yasmina shopping after an early dinner, and she hoped he would want a night cap later on in the evening.  She was sure he would be happy with a young, vibrant bombshell on his arm, just like all her other suitors.

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