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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ask the Goddess [Formspring] - Hypnotic

More wonderful questions for you!

do you like the hypnosis for sissy behavior modification that are all over the wb?


One of my friends and fellow bloggers, Kayla, specializes in this.  I feel it's another element of forced feminization so many of you girls love.  I am novice when dealing with the subject, but I am learning about it here and there.  I like how it can be combined in terms of story elements, but I know many of you love things like the audio files and videos.  I myself don't make them, but if you look around you'll find someone willing to put you in the right frame of mind. . . 

what are the glamour games?

The Glamour Games is my TG spoof on the "Hunger Games" series of books and movies.  I quite enjoyed them (well the first two books) and I saw potential with them.  I decided to create a series of captions involving girls from Rachel's Haven.  It went over well.  If you want to read them, you may go HERE

On a small side note, I notice I get a lot of the same questions.  I won't post the ones I got this time because I've answered them before.  So to hopefully avoid some of this, I'm going to make an FAQ page with some of these questions and it should help.

(This last one comes via email)

 Hello Mistress Simone how are you? hehe
Just like to say i <3 your Site, its Amazing!
But was wondering if you could do some caps of my favourite Fantasies?
They include;
1-A young boy who has a new sexy baby-siter, who happens to be a witch. And she ends up slowys feminizing and turning
him into a cute girly girl.
2-Two boys a caught spying on a girls slumber party, and they get turned into cute girls aswell.
3-And a new Beauty salon that aims to feminize cheating boyfriends and annoying brother into little adorable girls.

I will consider some of this.  I don't hate the ideas as I've used some of the tropes before.  However, I have to questions how young do you mean?  I don't mind teen and above but no further down.  If you like teen/tween forced stories, I would suggest you head over to Steffi or Courtney's caption blogs.  They do wonderful stories with some of these elements. 


  1. A FAQ would probably be a good idea.

  2. I think the most intriguing thing would be to be hypnotized into letting your female self out to play, seeing her in the mirror, being her for a bit, feeling your body as hers.

    I'm so stubborn it scares me. One, cause I am not sure I could do it and would get frustrated. Two, I'm not sure I'd want to come back.

    That's probably one of the reasons some of the "No Choice" Feminization stuff resonates with me. Oh, it's taken out of my hands? Well, I can just relax and deal then. Also, you'll notice a lot of my characters don't go the "Oh my god, I must become male again." route in RPz and tend to go the opposite and become even more female. Working that realization into a some sort of fictional truth, hopefully.

    And now way off topic and circling back: The more I learn about hypnosis, the less scary it seems to me, so perhaps it's just a knowledge/experience gap that leads to my own fears about it.


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