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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Pulling Her Strings" or "Giving Her Truth"

Caitlyn-Masked seems to invoke some powerful dominance fantasies when I do captions for her. 

Part 1

Part 2
This particular bit was inspired by a conversation I had with Steffimarie.  Both of us were discussing how to do something for her when the idea for a mini universe came up.  The idea of a reality show about a Mistress who goes into the world and finds submissives and brings out their hidden desires.  No pet to stubborn, none to shy, The Sissy Whisperer will find the truth within your heart and unleash the girl inside you!  Like the wicked little thing she is, Steffi pushed me to finish the idea and I began working on this.  I selected Caitlyn as the first subject of this idea because she had recently made a wonderful cap for me and I wanted to give her a return.  Also, her preferences fit within the concept well. 

This is perhaps one of the most heavily scrutinized caption I've made in a while:  I did two revisions on the writing and it was beta-read by three different individuals (A special thanks to Kayla, Victoria-Hyde and Steffi).  The original draft wasn't nearly as potent or focused - it read more like a reality show clip complete with announcers and voice overs.  I realized while I did want the vibe of it being part of a TV show, the writing didn't fit the vibe of the images I selected nor did it read very well.  I scrapped it and rewrote what's above now. 

As for the design, I wanted to play with different textures and visuals, so I originally used a grey marble background and used  a singular image to frame the text.  The second image and it's gradient overlay overpowered the original image and the marble backgrounds clashed with the look of the image.  At first I scrapped the secondary image but still didn't like the background.  The text didn't stand out correctly and fought with the overall visual instead of working in conjunction with the elements.  I played with using a background image, played with the title placement and decided on the color blue as the background.  It all fed well into the original source pics.  While I was disappointed in it looking so close to my usual work, I was pleased with the overall look.  Everything blended together. 

My beta readers helped me with some writing elements.  Kayla picked up on the hypnosis elements in the writing and helped cultivate it some, while Victoria helped clean up some writing issues.  She also suggested a new title.  The original title was "It Doesn't Matter"  and while it may have been the inspiration for the focus of the story, it didn't fit with the final product of the direction I wanted to take it.  Finally, Steff made some suggestions with the visual and caught a few more typos - mainly helping with the color ascetics.  In many respects, this is a group effort because there were influences abound.  There were some more suggestions made but as I often do I opted to go in another direction. 

Of course, the images were what drew me in.  Steffi suggested a few pictures to me, but I kept coming back to this set I had on my harddrive.  It seemed to fit the idea I had for Caitlyn.  The stylish, glam tone, the use of a mask and the Dome/sub themes within the photo shoot all set the tone that I felt worked best with this idea. 

So what do you think of the final product? 


  1. Well, you sure know how to pull my strings too! I can tell you've taken a lot of care and attention on this caption, there isn't any wasted detail and everyline brings you further into the story. Hot sexy images and a delicious fantasy, and of course oodles of domination.

    Loved it!

  2. Holy Hell. How can you take images that I normally find sterile and find the perfect words and story to make them not only erotically charged, but evocative as well? And the dialogue? It's got the perfect balance of ritual and realism. This one really gets under the skin, and I look forward to more from this universe.

  3. I absolutely adore the final product! I hadn't realized how much effort went into this cap, but from the final product, I have to say it was well worth it. The design is exquisitely executed and the writing is very tight, not wasting a single line or even single word. And I really appreciate the selection of images. The mask and blindfolds add a lot to the mystique. At least they do to me!

    As I like to play around with desgins as well, I would love to see some of the earlier layouts. I don't think they could be better in any way, but the progression might be insightful to see.

    I can't fully convey how much I love this cap, and therefore can't fully convey my thanks. But Thank you Simone, and thank you to everyone that helped out with this wonderful cap!

  4. Simone,

    Suffice to say, this one of my fave caps of yours, EVER...

    That's saying a LOT, because quite a few of your works have wormed their way into my "faves" folder :)

    I know you had lots of input.. but the pic selection, the basic story, the overall writing STYLE, and the final presentation/layout,was ALL "Simone".. and it shows!

    Truly Wonderful Work!

    Thanks for sharing this with us :)

  5. I think I've seen the best caption yet on the dominence/subservient theme. Evocative words avoiding anything really graphic but leaving you with no doubt as to the power of the Sissy Whisperer and Caitlyn's place in the scheme of things, good use of images and yes the blue background helps alot in setting the tone.
    Regards Belinda

  6. Evie - I couldn't ignore the dominant nature of these pictures when I wrote the story, yet I felt I didn't have to go in the harsh direction. Everything is direct without cruelty - simple truth would be best way.

    Simitty - I REALLY wanted this one to get into the heads of those who read it, partly due to the powerful nature of the images and I wanted to convey the control this woman has. She has a TV show where she's exposing her prowess. She HAS to be good of she will be a fake.

    Caitlyn - I don't think I could have tailored this to fit anyone else. This was screaming out to be yours and It makes me happy you enjoyed it so much.

    Steffi - hearing you say that means a lot because on the whole this isn't anything I would make for YOU. I might use similar themes but the tone would be different, the source pics would have something completely different, and the design and colors would be another vibe. Yet you still enjoy this. Thanks for helping and thanking for liking it.

    SB - Thanks so much for the kind words. I can tell it had a wonderful effect on you. I'm glad it's had such a good response from you and everyone else who has commented.


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